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Ideas for First-Time Renters with Howard County Property Managers

It is the first time you are renting and an exciting time and part of your life getting your first apartment or a home; maybe you are moving out of your parents’ home for the first time and starting your own life. As a Howard Country Property Management company, we know how thrilled you feel at the moment and we are here helping you with some direction to provide you with the ins and outs of getting a new apartment, as you need someone to guide you along the way, as you are only getting started now.

With some, easy to follow tips, as there are many and these are a good starting place.

Prioritizing Your Wants and Needs


Howard County Property Management

You are getting ready to move into your first apartment, obviously excited, and a little bit concerned, as this is natural for anyone who is embarking on his or her first rental apartment. If you have your financial state of affairs in place proceeding to signing the lease, then you know that it is necessary for you to live in an apartment and not being broke in the process. This means that you should think what you want and what your needs are before choosing an apartment you want. For example, if you need an on-site Laundromat if one is not close by, however, you also want an on-site gym it makes a big difference when it comes to making financial investments with the lease. As this is going to be a temporary, living place your needs will definitely prevail over your wants and it makes it easier for you when it comes to living and your money you are going to spend.

Making sure about utilities

howard county property managementBefore signing a lease with Property Management in Howard County MD make sure about your responsibility when it comes to utilities as this can change your monthly payments and cause financial difficulty if you do not know what is included in your rent. Many apartments offer you with basic utilities while others may require that you handle everything on your own and could amount to hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis. Your basic needs are water/sewage, electric, gas, and trash services while your wants are cable, internet services, and phone services. Once you know what is included or what you are going to pay on your own, then ask your Landlord for contact information for utility companies that service your soon-to-be home. Make sure that you call these businesses at least two weeks before moving in to make sure that your services are available the day of your arrival.

Planning on taking your pet

If you are planning to take your pet with you to move in then you must make sure about pet policies, and if the apartment allows for pets as many rental properties do not allow it anymore. This helps to narrow down your search when it comes to looking for an apartment or home to live in. Make sure what type of pets are allowed and if you need to pay an additional pet deposit. If the Landlord allows pets, the chance is that they will provide you with the closest pet park or an area that is great for you to walk your dog.

The most important is the Lease

The first and most important part when renting an apartment or a home for the first time is to read the lease from front to back meaning starting on the first page right through to the final page before signing. As a Property Management Howard County company, we have worked with many tenants who had dealt with other property managers in different companies and not knowing of certain clauses in their lease causing them many financial problems in the end.

This is crucial, as you need to know everything, as you do not want surprises along the way. You need to know when the rent is due and what it includes. What are your responsibilities? Moreover, what if you want to get out of your lease earlier and what you would be paying. These are important questions to ask and always read the fine print as this may contain extra costs that you were not prepared for so do not be blindsided.